Fix RDP Error 3334 in mRemoteNG and others

I’m using MRemoteNG to manage and create my RDP connections. In the last months, every now and then, I was unable to connect RDP sessions. When using mstsc.exe instead the RDP connection was established correctly.

After some research I found the reported mRemoteNG Bug - . In the Comments somebody suggested to add the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag to the mremoteng.exe binary. Tried it, fixed it!

If you haven’t Visual Studio installed, here is a link to a modified mremote.exe Version 1.72.

It seems that every comparable Software like ASG/Visionapp Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Conection Manger (RDCMan) had the same issue in older versions.

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  1. Hi! I found this site while searching for this mRemoteNG error code. Do you still have modified version available somewhere? I tried the link but it doesn’t work… :(



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