Using Super Metrics to monitor CPU %READY Part 2

In this second part i show you how to create a Super Metric package and how to attach it to your resources. A Super Metric Package bundles the Super Metrics you choose and you can also define new Key Performance Indicators or hard thresholds for the metrics. Hard thresholds are used like in classic monitoring tools (e.g Nagios) to define fixed limit for a certain condition. For instance they are useful if you want a alert for a not responding host. That metric can only be one or zero. The dynamic thresholds of vCOps do not make much sense for such a metric.

Table of Contents

The Super Metric Package

Start the Super Metric editor over Environment > Advanced > Super Metrics > Super Metric Packages

The green Plus button creates a new Super Metric Package.

Select the %READY Super Metric from the left Super Metric tree and give the package a meaningful name.

On the right side you can define hard thresholds with different levels for the Super Metric. These thresholds influence the health score of the of the resource (in our case the vCenter) and also the score of the depending resources like the World resource that stands for all your vCenter resources. Defining hard thresholds, the health score and alerts for the them are a good topic for another article… For now just save the package with the OK button.

Next open the “Resource Kind Defaults” in the Environment > Configuration menu

Select the VMware Adapter from the Adapter Kind dropdown list. Then select vCenter Server from the Resource Kind list and attach your Package from the right dropdown menu. Then just save it with the OK button. Every vCenter you add to vCOps after that configuration will have your package applied.

To make your package work for your already defined vCenter resources go to the environment overview and select the resource kind vCenter Server from the tree on the left side and mark all vCenter resources.

With the Edit Button (with the pencil) you open the resource management windows of all the selected resources.

Check the Super Metric Package and choose yours from the dropdown list. Save the configuration with the OK button and it will be applied to all selected resources.

In the Part Three of that article explain how to create dashboards with widgets to display the data of the Super Metric.

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