How to access the local Edgesight Firebird database

There are certain troubleshooting scenarios where you want to get access to the data from the local Edgesight database. Technically the Edgesight agent collects all the data from the running local host in a local Firebird database and uploads the data in a configurable timeframe into the central MSSQL database.

So if you have e.g. data missing in the MSSQL database you might want to know if the data is not collected from the agent (you might want to update it) or if the consolidation from the Firebird database to the MSSQL databas is an issue. Read more →

Citrix Receiver LAA/Reverse Seamless is causing Application Crashes

Today I was troubleshooting an application issue on customer site. The customer is currently migrating from XenApp5 on Windows2008 to XenApp6.5.

We came along an application which showed a strange behavior on the XenApp6.5 servers. After the user authenticates at the applications logon screen it suddenly disappeared. Application crashdumps where enabled but no dump file nor Eventlog Entry was written. So is seems the application is not crashing but disappearing or closing.
I did some troubleshooting using Procmon from Sysinternals. Read more →

Remote Desktop Client hanging at “Securing remote connection…”

Today we were troubleshooting a strange behavior in a customer environment. When connecting to several target machines the Remote Desktop Client hung for about 30 seconds at “Securing remote connection”. The issue seemed to be RDP Version related, as connections to Windows XP/2003 machines were established fast – while Vista/2008 or higher showed the issue. Read more →